Theresa Lyons is a Yale trained computational chemist who had her eyes set on a career on the corporate side of the pharmaceutical industry. She started on that journey, but life had other plans after the birth of her daughter.  At the age of three she was diagnosed with autism and Dr. Lyons life would be forever altered.

Dr. Lyons journey alongside her daughter was difficult but through of all of their hard word, they both came out on the other side of that dark tunnel.

Today, Dr. Lyons works with families of children with autism. Her work is directly inspired by her daughter, her first client.  One of her clients called her “The quarterback” when describing what she does, and that is a pretty accurate description.

Dr. Lyons follows the available scientific literature and studies in her work with families and endeavors to provide a roadmap for  each family and child towards their unique goals.  Her work in the pharmaceutical industry and training as a chemist also allows her to approach her work in a unique fashion.

This episode is also is a testament to a parent’s  unconditional love for their child and their determination to help. Love can move mountains- and Dr. Lyons certainly did.

The interview is replete with a wonderful perspective and valuable insight for families who, at times, struggle to see progress and to celebrate all of the small, but incredibly important, victories achieved by their child with autism.

The bottom line is: You can’t give up. You have to have faith.

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