Ezekiel Zimmerman is a New York based financial advisor and a married father of three children. While in school to obtain his MBA, his only child at the time- his son- was diagnosed with autism.

As he went down the, as he referred to it, “internet rabbit hole” he was introduced to financial advising as a career. He decided to use his career to help other families navigating similar difficult waters.

During this interview Ezekiel discusses the type of financial planning all families should consider when they are raising a child, especially a child with a disability. There are disabilities that greatly affect a child’s ability to be self-supporting in adulthood.

Some disabled people avail themselves of public programs like Medicaid for medical care and SSI, for economic support. These programs, while a lifeline for so many disabled adults, often fall short in providing for all of a person’s needs.

There are financial vehicles that will allow families to supplement their loved ones needs and elevate their standard of living, while preserving those government entitlements.

In addition to planning for their children, parents should also plan for themselves. As host, Veronica Escobar stated “putting on your oxygen mask first,” is important for a parent, irrespective of whether their child is disabled or not.

A parent should be able to live a comfortable life in their older years and simultaneously plan for their children. It is not an either or scenario.  It doesn’t have to be a choice.

Lastly, one of the episode’s main objectives is to impress upon the audience that working with a financial advisor is for everyone. It is not a service that is limited to affluent families. There are products and services available that allow a family to plan- for themselves and loved ones.



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