While working at the Center for an Urban Future, Christian Gonzalez-Rivera undertook a research project that sought to really look at the ever present. growing AND aging immigrant population in New York City.

The result is a report, “The New Face of New York’s Seniors” that is incredibly comprehensive and looks at practically every aspect of what aging in a city means for its resident and the impact that it has on a population that, in many ways, struggled to adapt to a new city, not to mention county.

What we learn is that while cities, like New York, can offer a lot to aging populations, they almost always fall short. When we look at aging immigrant populations, their particular circumstances and challenges, this also remains true.

The reason? Caring and providing for aging populations and permitting them to age to age as full and active citizens where they live is not just the job of one agency. It requires EVERY agency, cultural institution and government entity’s involvement.

It involves us all.

If you are an immigrant.
If you work in the aging space.
If you love an older or old person.
If you care about quality of life for older and old people.
If you want to understand older immigrants better.
This is an episode you should listen.

To learn more about Christian: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christian-gonzalez-rivera-35bb478/

To read Christian’s report, go to: https://nycfuture.org/pdf/The-New-Face-of-New-Yorks-Seniors.pdf

To learn more about the podcast, go to: https://www.agingwiselypodcast.com


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